This is us

It all started with the conviction that Switzerland needs more diversity and inclusion and the Swiss Diversity Award Night to express this - that was in 2019. The idea caught on! So in 2021, in collaboration with representatives from the business community, the Swiss Diversity Forum was born. And so today we have become the Swiss Diversity Platform - a place where ideas are realized on how to live and develop Switzerland in its diversity.

Swiss Diversity is a non-profit association consisting of people with the vision that diversity and inclusion should be given more space in Switzerland. The commitment is based on voluntary work and thus shows all the more: everyone can make an individual contribution to realize great visions. Diversity & Inclusion Services GmbH is responsible for the implementation of our projects.

Our board

Yvonne Apiyo Brändle-Amolo

President Association Swiss Diversity

Intercultural Mediator, Local Councillor SP Switzerland

Sabina Brägger

Producer Swiss Diversity Award Night

Thomas Thommen

Self-employed & networker

Simone Aemmer

Marketing & Communication

Michel Rudin

Founder Swiss Diversity and Public Affairs Expert

Simone Müller-Staubli

Entrepreneur in gastronomy as well as hotel and communication expert

Christiane Bisanzio

People & Culture and D&I Business Leader

Our partners


Michel Rudin

Founder Swiss Diversity, Public Affairs Expert and former Co-President Pink Cross

Christiane Bisanzio

People & Culture and D&I Business Leader

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board pursues the goal of promoting diversity and inclusion in Switzerland. Specifically, this means bringing the values of Swiss Diversity into the social discourse through actions and statements.

a broad network, know-how and expert knowledge, the Board is well equipped to become a wide-reaching and influential voice for D&I in Switzerland. The board members also set themselves the goal of providing strategic advice to Swiss Diversity and supporting its development.

Beatrice Simon

President of the Lindenhof Group Foundation Board and former Finance Director of the Canton of Berne

Deborah Murith

Chief People Officer McDonald's Switzerland

Greta Bodino

Responsible for Human Resources and Culture, Juventus Football Club

Hans-Peter Nehmer

Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability, Allianz Suisse

Vincent Rameau

Country Head Switzerland, The Coca-Cola Company

Katja Berlinger

President and CEO, Swiss Medi Kids AG

Maike Kiessling

General Manager DACH, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen

Chief Executive Officer, Aon Holdings

Susanne Ruoff

CEO & VR, Ruoff Advisory Sàrl

Stefan Kilchenmann

BoD, Nau media AG

Sabine Bruckner

CEO, Pfizer Switzerland AG

Barbara Higgs

Head of Fundraising & Development, Schauspielhaus Zürich AG

Katrin J. Yuan

CEO, Swiss Future Institute Chair AI Future Council